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Northern Analytical Laboratory specializes in materials characterization and analysis of trace elements as applied to metallurgical problems. We are a certified laboratory with modern instrumentation and conscientious, experienced chemists. Our aim is to supply reliable, highly accurate analyses through careful application of good laboratory practices. We supply the right answer the first time.

Accurate analysis of trace elements is necessary in evaluating the suitability of scrap for recycling, and analyzing waste streams for value metals, or in satisfying discharge permit requirements.

If a limited yield or product reliability is an issue, we are equipped to answer your most demanding questions. We start at the beginning, with inspection of raw materials, and follow through all phases of production to search for any materials which could be responsible for introducing the trace elements adversely affecting your product.

Quality information is the result of meticulous attention to details in all areas from sample preparation through analysis and data interpretation. We are a comprehensive source offering superior equipment and testing. We maintain rigorous quality control by adhering to good laboratory practices, using the highest grade chemicals, and carefully following protocols. Only our scientists perform and interpret each test. We are a concerned and accurate source for answers to your questions.


The original organizers of Northern Analytical Laboratory saw a need for an analytical laboratory specializing in trace element analysis of solid materials, and acted to fill that need. Their many years of experience in the areas of emission, atomic absorption, inductively coupled plasma-optical emission and spark source mass spectrometries provided the necessary foundation, and the Laboratory opened providing these basic services.

Northern Analytical Laboratories was founded in 1980 and subsequently incorporated in New Hampshire in January of 1981. The Laboratory, originally located in Amherst, NH is now in Merrimack, NH.

In 1986 NAL acquired its first glow discharge mass spectrometer (GDMS), the most sensitive and comprehensive technique for the analysis of trace elements in solid materials. (They now have 3). Combustion equipment for the analysis of carbon, nitrogen, oxygen and sulfur (in solids) was added in 1985, and in 1999 inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometry (ICPMS) was also added to their laboratory.

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